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Roger Young     01/28/2019

 --A group of teenage students from Covington Catholic High Schooin the state of Kentucky traveled to Washington D.C. 

  for a March for Life rally over the weekend. As the students were standing in front of the Lincoln memorial waiting on a bus heading back to Kentucky Native America elder, Nathan Phillips of the Omaha tribe marched his way up to the young kids banging his war drum. 

  Keep in mind, most of the kids are seen wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

  In other videos you can see Nathan Phillips marching towards the teens as a group of Black Hebrew Israelites yell vulgarities at the teenage boys wearing MAGA hats. Some of the disgusting things the left said to the boys were homophobic, racist, and bigoted.  “Future school shooters," said one of the leftist from the Black Hebrew Isralites group as they all proceeded to harass the young boys.

  Meanwhile, the mainstream media has peddled on the narrative that the teens seen in the video were mocking the elder but do not show the entirety of the video(s).  In some instances, others are calling the teens racist because they were wearing Make America Great Again apparel.  After the video went viral, most mainstream media outlets named their click-bait titles along the lines of . . . "MAGA hat wearing teens."  

   The teens have been victimized by the mainstream media to the point of receiving death threats from leftists. They have gone through tremendous scrutiny.  Shockingly, Nathan Phillips traveled to the Covington Church and was escorted out for attempting to disrupt mass. 

  The left has consumed this narrative and have lashed out at the real victims, the Covington boys. Now, the mainstream media has slowly taken the steps to retract their stories, the damage has been done, however.  CNN, MSNBC, and other mainstream media organizations have given journalism a black eye and of course, more ammunition to President Trump's call of. . . Fake News.

  Since Donald Trump ran for the office of Presidency, we have seen the growing animosity and hate towards anyone wearing a Make America Great Again hat or any kind of MAGA apparel for that matter. We've seen grown men take the hat off of a kid sitting in a Whataburger throwing a drink in his face calling him racist. To a guy walking into a vape shop with a Trump shirt leading the guy behind the counter go completely crazy and refuse him service.  All of this because of a” racist” hat or shirt. Never mind, the fact that these people do not know if the people who are wearing these hats are by definition, racist. 

  The mainstream media at every turn make's up lie after lie about Trump supporters, calling them racists, bigots and the list goes on and on. The real outrage is the lack of reporting in mainstream news; they have yet to show re-play after re-plays of the left calling the Covington boys racist, homophobic, and bigoted terms. Don't hold your breath either. 

   I have personally talked with quite a few people who support the President and wear a Make America Great Again hat and none of those people we're racist. They were some of the nicest people you will ever talk to and would do anything to help another person and carry themselves with respect.

  It is time we the people stop letting the mainstream media keep us divided. We as Americans need to come together once again and deter the mainstream media from deceiving the public with another one of their lies.

  The President can only do so much by himself. The POTUS needs help from the American people he needs help from people like you and I.

  Those teens who stood their ground now symbolizes the bravery of every person whom wears a MAGA hat. Also, for what they believe in and not letting anyone get under their skin. Nick sandman said in a statement that “as I was standing there face to face with Mr. Phillips I said a silent pray that the situation would escalate any further."  No matter what, we are supporters of president Donald Trump and we will wear our MAGA apparel without fear of the slander from the mainstream media or threats from the actual racist, homophobic, and bigoted leftists. 

  We're going to continue wearing our MAGA hats, and we're all going to stand our ground because we are all Nick Sandmann.