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Syrian and U.S. State Department Collusion:


Thomas Leager     02/20/2019

False Flag:

Oxford Dictionary defines as


2. a political or military act orchestrated in such a way that it appears to have been carried out by a party that is not in fact responsible.

"some believe that the bombings were a false flag operation by state forces"

  For a long time, the American people have suspected the existence of a “Deep State”. A State within the State. The election of Donald J. Trump has removed any doubt of its existence. We have found that it is not only, not a “conspiracy theory”, but we have watched the exposure of its moving parts. The intelligence community working closely with private and foreign intelligence gathering outfits— in Ukraine via NABU, in Britain, and in the U.S.—cooperating with deeply entrenched former bureaucrats and globalists in the DNC and GOP, have tried to subvert a dully elected President of the United States. Trump’s whole presidency has been marked by a full force attack, coming from the Media and a weaponized Intelligence community, using agencies and processes in an abusively partisan way. We have watched 25th amendment plots unfold before our eyes, all to the tune of a steady background noise, a consistent stream of slander and baseless calls for impeachment by most the Democrat Party’s star congressmen and women—and some calls from the GOP establishment itself.

  When I say “partisan” it is not between right and left, this is a partisanship that involves those connected elites vs. those trying to stop them. People like Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, Jared Kushner, John McCain, Bill Browder, Lord Jacob Rothchild, and the list goes on and on. These are the globalist players, and they have used our Democratic processes against us. Turning public opinion this way and that, in order to keep public discourse in line with their agenda. This is the SWAMP!

  We have more than suspected that the Media has colluded with these folks, along with politicians, and business tycoons. They have manipulated events to arrange for a desired outcome, enlisting the help of our intelligence services (the teeth of the deep state) having them help by assisting and backing clandestine forces to spur on events that benefit the few and politically well-connected.

The White Helmets:

  This is a group that operates in the Middle-East, while getting a firm P.R. push from the Western establishment. When conflicts aren’t heating up fast enough in certain regions, we enlist the White Helmets to arrange ways to turn up the flame on the geo-political stove. We will be doing an in-depth look at this group in future articles.

The Explosive Proof:

  On Wednesday, February 13th, Riam Dalati, a producer for the BBC in Syria—a journalistic institution respected the world over, especially in the West—came out with earth shattering news, verifying once again, that the American public’s fears are well founded.

Riam Dalati Tweeted:

Truth is @James__Harkin got the basics right in terms of #Duma’s “propaganda” value.

The ATTACK DID HAPPEN, Sarin wasn’t used, but we’ll have to wait for @OPCW to prove Chlorine or otherwise. However, everything else around the attack was manufactured for maximum effect.

— Riam Dalati (@Dalatrm)

In fact, one of the 3 or 4 people filming the scene was Dr. Abu Bakr Hanan, a “brute & shifty” doctor affiliated with Jaysh Al-Islam. The narrative was that “there weren’t enough drs” but here is one filming & and not taking part of the rescue efforts.

Will keep rest for later.

—Riam Dialati (@Dalatrm)

After almost 6 months of investigations, i can prove without a doubt that the #Douma Hospital scene was staged. No fatalities occurred in the hospital.

All the #WH, activists and people i spoke to are either in #Idlib or #EuphratesShield areas.

Only one person was in #Damascus.

— Riam Dalati (@Dalatrm)

What We Know:

A well-respected BBC journalist has independently confirmed that--

1. The Douma Chemical attack was partially, or perhaps staged.

2. That no one was hurt in the hospital scene shown by many media outlets.

3. That this hospital footage of gas attack “victims” was set up.

4. That this was all orchestrated by the White Helmets for maximum effect.

The Enemy on our Side:

  Given the explosive nature of this story it would be surprising—well, only to anyone naïve enough to believe in the integrity of the mainstream media—to know that establishment media are maintaining complete silence. Total silence, despite being given this new corroborating evidence from a very credible source.

  Nowhere is that silence more deafening than at Fox News. A network that presents itself as pro-liberty, pro-America, and pro-Trump. Their fortunes are seemingly made in the defense of our President. But, do they really support him?

  Time and again, their action (or inaction) proves more telling than their reporting. Even when it counts, and when it comes to an issue that is patriotic, constitutional, and wanted by most of the American populace--even issues that President Trump winningly ran on, these lackeys are at a loss for words. So, I say again, do they really back and end to the perpetual interventionist policies, or continuous wars that have killed and crippled countless Americans?

  It would seem not, as Fox News falls in line with the silence, and even joins in the criticism spewed by the rest of the “Hate Trump” media, when it comes to ending the Syrian police action. When President Trump tries to pull our troops out, or seriously considers ending foreign interventionist policies that solely benefit the globalist war profiteers--on both sides of the aisle--these supposed 'pro-Trumpers' and feigned journalists are remiss to say, “boo” about it. Every time President Trump logically questions the motives in Syria, the establishment roars with (nervous) laughter. I thought, they wanted to "Drain the Swamp" or is that just a clever slogan to Fox News? What a story it would make, though; touting Trump the Dove! Finally, vindicated! Duma proved as a hoax! All the critics on the left and right eat crow!

  The establishment called leaving Syria, ‘a blunder’ and ill-conceived. Some going as far as to call it treasonous. Rapaciously we heard them repeat that nauseating line, ‘it is the worst time to pull out of the region’. Pundits hurled insults at the President, calling into question his intelligence and sanity, because of his questioning of motives, and insinuations that these attacks in Duma might be staged. Yet, here we are, Trump proved right and no one to wave the flag of victory.

  Even the State Department, with its airs of legitimacy have criticized Trump’s lack of willingness to commit troops to Syria. The State Department continuously trying to lend credence to the Duma attacks. (with all their resources, they must have known it was a farce--symbolizing treason, corruption, or at the least gross incompetence) All these supposed experts, and now we come to find that there is overwhelming hard evidence that the infamous White Helmets are responsible for staging this so-called attack. Vindication! What a story it would be, if only Fox News would cover it.


  Here is where our story really begins with Keith Rupert Murdoch long time mentor of Jared Kushner, member of The Strategic Advisory Board of Genie Energy, Owner of Fox News, Sky News, and other media sources. It seems that any endeavor Murdoch is involved in is always on the side of Israeli interests and increasing troops and involvement in the Syrian conflict.

Agent’s inside the Machine:

  Heather Nauert, former associate of Keith Rupert Murdoch (Genie Energy), former host on Fox and Friends, and current Spokeswoman for the State Department has time and again defended the White Helmets. I've included some quotes taken from Twitter, quotes that are on the record. Regardless of Nauert's admired "toughness", she has a soft spot for the shady White Helmets. Seemingly, taking cues from the former U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley—whom met with the leaders of this shady White Helmets organization. Nauert and Haley go hand in hand, when it comes to their positions on the Syrian conflict, on their opposition to Russia, and on their dedication to the White Helmets organization. Nauert, like Haley, tows the globalist line.

  This chumminess between senior members of our State Department, and a group which has been involved in many shady dealings, praised by radical Islamists, and now tied to a legitimate false flag event is disturbing, to say the least. While, Al Qaeda and other Jihadist groups have praised the White Helmets, these women have stood alongside, making sure the U.S. bankroll keeps flowing to this organization.

(Note: Recently, Heather Nauert has refused being considered for the new position of U.N. Ambassador. What other swamp creatures will rise to the top?)

  There is a glaring conflict of interest between Heather Nauert, the former employee of Rupert Murdoch and current State Department employee, and furthering American involvement in the Syrian conflict. Not to mention her extreme willingness to glorify the White Helmets, which as we now see have used deception and dishonest practices, to force the increase of American involvement in the region. Is it to secure the region for a private interest? Could that interest personally benefit her former employer, and a gaggle of globalists?

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