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State of Oregon & FBI Now Openly Spying on Students

By Cole Rainey

       There is a massive surveillance state that is being implemented in the state of Oregon. The FBI of Oregon just came out with the #ThinkBeforeYouPost campaign, a thought policing policy in which children (school students) are tracked and monitored by government agents who will list them and potentially charge them if they make a "hoax threat". A "hoax threat" being a loosely defined term that can indicate anything from a mass shooting to a fight threat. Schoolyard fights used to be common and that bread tough generations of Americans. I do not support fighting to solve problems, but the point is allowing human beings (especially children/teens) to express anger, fear and frustration is natural in the development of the individual. The FBI's attempt to hijack the thoughts of law abiding, good kids who make mistakes is not only an infringement, it's a direct threat on a student's freedom of expression.

       Individual liberties and sovereignty mean nothing to the deep state, who are waging an all out war on the individual and individual rights. We're seeing the erosion of Oregonians' right to bear arms, freedom of religion, right to privacy, parental rights and now the freedom of thought. This legislation connects directly to Oregon's red flag gun laws, which will be enforced using the #ThinkBeforeYouPost database. A former marine has already been deemed with wrongthink and has been removed from his firearms. Oregon's FBI and deep state apparatus is now openly implementing a system for students to be monitored by Federal agents. Which will track your children's every waking thought on social media and the state will make an effort to criminally charge them if they post any "threat" on social media.

       The elites plan on labeling conservatives and libertarians "extremists" already, this is all outlined in the UN strong cities network. Which states, "We connect cities, towns and regions around the world to share their local best practice on an international scale and collaborate at the subnational level to prevent violent extremism and the conditions in which extremism and radicalisation can take hold in communities." They plan on "preventing radicalization", which nowadays if you're further right than Stalin you're deemed a radical, so the assertion that the intention of the Strong Cities Network could be used against political dissidents is not completely unfeasible. This is the blueprint for global government, the elimination of political dissidents and the labeling of all of those who love freedom "extremists".

       The deep state and Governor Kate Brown's surveillance state is hell bent on violating individual liberties and spying on our kids. Kate Brown has stated the state "gives parents too much leeway in raising their children" and openly supports the medical kidnapping of Oregonian children like Kylee Dixon. The state of Oregon is waging an all out war on the rights of the individual. The elites want control and they are using every tool at their disposal to take it away from parents and place it in the hands of federal agents. Liberty used to be a cornerstone of this state and now we're left with authoritarianism in the "Marble Nut House".