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Shemia Fagan Protected Alleged Child Rapist

By: Cole Rainey


        For over 5 years Democrat Oregon state Senator Shemia Fagan has sat on one of the most grotesque and disturbing stories I have ever heard. Enter the story of Carole Ann Pigman, a loving mother who shockingly learned that her Vietnamese adopted son had been brutally raped. By who? Her very own husband, who I'll leave unnamed. According to abuse reports orchestrated by the 'Center for Healing Relationships' LLC and M.A. Denise Best, the victim (age 7 at the time of the interview) gave an extremely graphic description of what had happened. So specific and grotesque that Denise Best has stated she does not have "a doubt that (The Victim) has been viciously abused". He stated things like "Daddy ripped me to pieces" and "Daddy made me eat him", absolutely disgusting and appalling. Ms. Pigman began worrying when her son began acting very strange: wetting the bed, defecation in the pants, crawling on the floor (elbows flat), found crying in a ball with a wet towel in his mouth. So regression in several areas. When (The Victim) finally spoke up about what had been happening to him, Ms. Pigman immediately filed for divorce. The victim's description of the abuse is extremely graphic, so for the faint hearted I would suggest skipping this next paragraph.

        The victim describes abuse in his "butt and mouth" and went into extreme detail that a 7 year old couldn't imagine on their own. Describing his own father raping him, he said it felt like a "rock in his butt" and that he had severe problems "going to the bathroom" afterwards. He also described how his own father abused him orally as well. He described how he vomited later in the night because of this. This graphic description of abuse lead M.A. Denise Best to assess that she had no doubt the boy was abused.

       The ex husband has signed away his parental rights and acknowledged in court documents that it wouldn't be in the child's "well being" or "welfare" to remain in his custody. Despite this fact, the state of Oregon refuses to investigate the well being of the child STILL IN HIS CUSTODY, the biological daughter of Carole Ann Pigman and her ex husband. During this stressful situation, Ms. Pigman resorted to reaching out to her representative for help. Shemia Fagan was first contacted by Carole Ann Pigman all the way back in 2012 during her initial state house run in district 51. Ms. Pigman aided her campaign, met her in person and even put up a yard sign. After helping her to a congressional victory Ms. Pigman thought she had a friend in Shemia Fagan, she was wrong.

In 2015, following the horrific abuse, Shemia was contacted by Ms. Pigman for help. Regarding her interactions with Shemia Fagan Ms. Pigman said, "It was the summer of 2015, her legislative aide Jack Polales (who now works for Kate Brown) the big tall guy came over to the apartment. I had all the records copied, we had immediate danger orders of Protection Service against the guy. We have had a protective order since the get-go and he copied all them and took them to Shemia and I waited and waited. We went to that Campaign movie for her and I talked to her in person about it." Shemia promised to help Ms. Pigman if elected, she was even appointed to the DHS committee in 2018. But upon being elected in 2018 and being granted the power to help this poor woman, Shemia did nothing. She blatantly began ignoring Ms. Pigman. No

investigation into the biological daughter despite red flag tweets from her like, "The things I fear the most in this world have already happened". Disturbing and concerning for sure.

       Ms. Pigman has fought DHS, who has accused her of fabricating the story. They claimed her story was "unfounded" and she may have "coached" her son. But M.A. Denise Best disagrees, she thinks there's no doubt that the boy was raped by the father. Despite the fact that the child still experiences extreme anxiety and nightmares due to the experience, the state of Oregon claims the story is unfounded. Ms. Pigman said regarding the victim's anxiety, "In an exam room with our primary care physician, Dr. Timothy Lan, my son was taking a pencil and shredding up that exam table sheet uncontrollably. Anxiety and Trauma was so severe even the doctor, after my children left that room and we were out in the hallway, said to me, "He can't even process any of this!" I told Dr. Lan, I said, "I can't even process this! How do you think my children will ever be able to process any of this?""

Ms. Pigman contacted the AG's office, the Governor's office, Janelle Bynum, Shemia Fagan and Sara Gelser, who told Ms.Pigman, "If you ever contact me again, I'll have you arrested." Gelser ignored the abuse reports and pleas for help from Ms. Pigman and then proceeded to threaten her with police force. Pigman was either called crazy or dismissed according to e-mail and text threads. The Rainey Report has reached out to for a statement, but no comments have been issued at this time.

       This appears to be a disgraceful display of the superiority complex held by all of these swamp creatures in Salem. Kate Brown's administration sat on this investigation and continues to, as the father still has custody of the biological daughter. He admitted in court documents it's in the child's best "well being" and "welfare" for him not to have custody. Despite all the evidence pointing to one thing, Oregon's DHS and politicians like Shemia Fagan ignore the obvious for some reason. She said regarding our Attorney General sitting on this story, "We have open claims from Ellen Rosenblum acknowledging that my son, my daughter, and I are victims of a compensable crime until they are 21 years of age. She doesn't even know what's going on in her own Department let alone in the entire state, so how on Earth can she protect children?" Oregon's justice department is failing to protect the innocent, they admitted that Ms. Pigman and her children ought to be compensated but nothing has been done. A letter from the DOJ states that "(The victim) was a victim of a compensable crime and meets all eligibility criteria established under OR 147.015."

       On top of all this madness the man alleged to have done this and who admitted in court documents that it was in his child's "well being" and "welfare" for him not to have custody works for renowned North Clackamas superintendent Matt Utterback. He was also contacted by Ms. Pigman but he warded her off and called her crazy. This man won superintendent of the year in 2017. So why is he ignoring the abuse reports and all of the evidence pointing to one thing? This guy also works for the very politically connected Oregon Education Association. They were also contacted by Ms. Pigman and they ignored her warnings that this man may be a danger to the children. The OEA gave $42,168.07 to Shemia Fagan in 2018, this connection is very strange

and brings more questions than answers. I don't understand the motives of these swamp creatures like Fagan, but what I do understand is that a boy was scarred for life and so many are complicit in protecting the perpetrator.

       Our governor has sat on this case. Why? Our attorney general, who took money from indicted child rapist Terry Bean, sat on this case. Why? Why do these entrenched political figures insist on protecting this man. They simply ignore M.A. Denise Best's assessment and claim the story is "unfounded". This is all curious, I wonder why these entrenched partisan hacks insist on ignoring a woman who has been through hell. The torment of knowing your child has been victimized is tragic and devastating. Emotional devastation and nobody giving you the time of day sums up Ms. Pigman's awful experience. Shemia Fagan had the opportunity, once elected and appointed to the DHS committee, to help Ms. Pigman, but she refused. She sat on this case and ignored Ms. Pigman after promising to help her, taking her campaign contributions and "in kind" donations.

After 5 years of legal battles, death threats, emotional torment and misery, Shemia Fagan finally responded to Carole Ann Pigman. She responded saying simply,

"Ms. Pigman,

I have again reported your information to the Oregon State Police.

Senator Shemia Fagan Pronouns: She/Her"

       Can you believe the arrogance of Shemia Fagan? She believes now that the media, i.e, Lars Larson, Me and others have her nailed down as a protector of an alleged child rapist she can respond and play it off like she cares. She sat on this story until the lid blew off of it and she should be ashamed. What a disgraceful human being, a virtue signaler who claims to want to "protect trans kids" but she refused to help a vulnerable child who was allegedly raped by their own father. No investigation, no protection and no effort put in to helping this poor woman and her family. Shemia Fagan is a symptom of a failed party, a party that virtue signals and ignores real life victims of violence. I can't believe someone this cold and remorseless holds public office. It's simply a disgrace.

Shemia Fagan, Sara Gelser, Janelle Bynum, AG Rosenblum, the OEA and governor Kate Brown all denied this woman help, why? These swamp monsters are more concerned with getting reelected than helping those in need. Shemia Fagan promised, TO HER FACE, to help Carole Ann Pigman and did nothing. An absolute display of hypocrisy as Shemia Fagan claims we should "believe all victims". Why didn't you believe a victim, who M.A. Denise Best claimed she had "no doubt", was raped by his own father? This woman is a disgrace to public service and should be nowhere near public office. If you're upset with Ms. Pigman's treatment below is a contact list of some of the swamp creatures who ignored this horrific abuse. Feel free to let them know what you think.

Shemia Fagan: [email protected] 503-986-1724

Sara Gelser: 

[email protected] 503-986-1708

Kate Brown: