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Ralph Northam: Poster Boy for the Democratic Party

Cole Rainey     02/05/2019

        --It seems the true colors of the Democratic party have been revealed.


       Since Hillary Clinton publicly joked, that all black people look alike, and got a pass from the media. I have doubted the legitimacy of the left’s sympathy toward minorities. My suspicions were confirmed, when pictures of Ralph Northam’s yearbook page surfaced, exposing him as a racist and a Klan sympathizer. 

Ralph Northam is a disgrace to America, he exemplifies the true identity of the Democratic party. The party of slavery, Jim Crow and the Klan. Still holding African Americans hostage through government

dependency and the institution of abortion as a societal norm in urban areas. Planned parenthood

founder, and "Progressive" Democrat Margaret Sanger once said “...We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population...” 

       The eugenics ideology of Sanger, and her 20th century progressive cohorts (Woodrow Wilson being one), remains hidden in plain sight; behind an ever dissipating veneer of the "Women's Right to Choose" movement. Democrats, like Ralph Northam, flood the inner cities with abortion clinics. All with the hopes of keeping the black population low and government control high. 

       The Democratic party has had a strangle hold on the African American political dialogue, and held hostage the progress of the Black Community for far too long. They maintain their power through an overarching false narrative of a "big switch" between Democrat and Republicans. Along with a welfare state designed to stunt upward economic incentive for African Americans. This dependency has lead to impoverished crime ridden neighborhoods emerging out of once diverse and successful communities. 

       Democrats, along with NAFTA have been successful in hollowing out the core of a communities success; and that is skilled trade workers. Decimating the African American community has been the Democrat status quo, targeting inner cities by removing the trades once taught in inner city schools, and replacing them with a tunnel vision curriculum aiming youth towards universities. Universities that will teach them skills that are not marketable to the average African American community. 

       When these university students finish school, they tend to either move to affluent areas in need of psyche majors or colleges that need teachers of African American studies; or, become over burdened with student loan debt, in communities that need a plumber more than they need a psychologist. Frustration and discontent usually follow, as debt slowly crushes those not lucky enough to have left university with a semi-marketable skill. 

      Inner cities have become a wasteland when it comes to small business owners, and tradesman. The African American middle class was the first and hardest hit area of the American blue collar populace. Democrat policies have caused a brain drain on the inner city, and plunged the earning power of the African American male. While, Hollywood glorifies the African American single mother, fathers are often left out of the picture; being portrayed as thugs and ne'er do wells. Studies will show that success hinges on two-parent homes, but Democrats have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to all of these problems.

       A Prime example of cities devastated by these policies include places like Detroit, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Chicago. The ideals held by Ralph Northam reflect these policies, and the true identity of the Democratic party.

       Recently, Northam has been heard championing “post birth abortions” on a talk-radio show. Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam has shocked the Nation. A failed bill in Virginia, similar to New York’s recently

passed third trimester abortion bill, would have allowed mothers to decide the fate of their

children after birth. This is a sickening precedent, set by states like New York and Oregon. Teaching young women not to value motherhood, marriage, or the sanctity of human life; but to treat it with disdain. 

       Abortion culture has weakened relationships, as sex is no longer valued as an act with consequences. Rather, sex is viewed as simply "play" between two consenting people. Sex should be seen as sacred, the

meaningless hookup culture has been made manifest out of the, "never take responsibility" abortion culture. Leading Americans to prioritize sexual gratification, over a meaningful connection with another person. 

       Human life should be valued, cherished and protected under the law. Northam’s support for “post birth abortions” has red pilled a great number of Americans, as to how demented Democratic politicians can be. The idea of infanticide should be ridiculed and disparaged as anti-human, anti-God, and immoral.        Northam has exposed the Democratic party’s true intentions in the abortion battle. No longer is it simply a debate of circumstantial pretenses for potential abortion such as rape, incest or a threat to the

woman’s life. Now, human life is under attack, innocent babies will become victims if the

Democrats get their way. 

       Alabama's supreme court recently ruled an unborn child is a human life protected under the law. This case will soon move up to the now conservative Supreme Court, who may uphold Alabama’s ruling. This decision would prevent states from legalizing abortion in general. Again, the middle ground is gone, Democrats willingness to take abortion to the extreme has pushed both pro-choice and pro life advocates to their limit.

       Ralph Northam’s radical stance on abortion, combined with his apparent disdain for

minorities, reflects the policies of the Democratic party. As liberal inner cities are flooded with

abortion clinics, who’s main priority is meeting their abortion quota; we see Sanger and her brood rising from the grave. Margaret Sanger didn’t value human life, she once said “I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world.” Not only did Sanger hate minorities, she hated babies in general. She referred to the babies of those who were societal outcasts as “human weeds” and once said “I believe that there should be no more babies.” 

       Democrats’ hate for children is rooted in the eugenics movement of the early 20th century, which viewed minorities as less than whites and human life as expendable. These eugenicists inspired the policy of Nazi Germany. Murdering millions of innocents for the sake of racial purity. The way in which Democrats portray "unwanted pregnancies" and the unborn as expendable and unimportant, echoes the Nazis; whom viewed homosexuals, the deformed, the handicapped, the poor, gypsies, Jews and many more as expendable and unimportant. The value of human life is a virtue that needs to be absolute for our society to continue and prosper.

       Advocating infanticide, while being exposed as a hypocrite for calling his opponent Ed

Gillespie a racist during the Virginia governor’s race, Northam is representative of the core-values of the

Democratic party, today. Through a system of government dependency via the welfare state,

African Americans have been blindfolded to the economic opportunity that awaits them through rugged individualism.

      In America, because of our free market system, anyone from any background can achieve greatness

and attain economic prosperity. Impoverished minority communities are brainwashed by the

mainstream media, that “the system” is holding them down. When in reality, most African Americans

simply don’t have been robbed of the incentive to move up the economic ladder; while having their communities stripped of skills, and their schools stripped of programs marketable to their communities. 

The mainstream media promotes the collecting of

welfare checks, as Hollywood and the music industry glamorize illegal activity. Creating the illusion that these are the only methods provided to rise out of the ghetto. The reality is, through hard

work and with the right education and skills, anyone can become successful. 

       Dr. Ben Carson grew up in an impoverished community in Detroit, but his hard work and dedication lead him to economic prosperity and success. The idea that racial inequality is systematic is true. But it’s the system of government assistance that has lead to Democrat run urban communities staying impoverished.

       Ralph Northam’s disgusting perspective has been put on full display. Americans across

the nation can now see the historically racist views of the Democrats have never changed. There was no "big switch", and Northam’s racism and coldness regarding human life is testament to that. This discovery

doesn’t coincide with the popular narrative that Republicans are the racist party. Fake news CNN

even lied and reported Northam was a Republican, during their coverage of the situation. While it was portrayed as an honest mistake, it is just another example of the untrustworthy nature of "The Enemy of the American People"....CNN.

      This discovery of the racist yearbook photo showed Americans exactly what type of characters occupy the Democratic party. Ralph Northam was just the archetype to show America what the Democrats are, and have always been...Racists...

Photos Courtesy of Breitbart, New York Post, and CNN 


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