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Cole Rainey     02/24/2019

--President Donald Trump has had one of the most successful first terms in the history of the presidency. 

  His accomplishment list is so long and exhausted that it almost makes me tired of winning. Winning this much has brought hope to the Republican party, igniting a new conservative revolution reminiscent of the ‘Reagan Revolution’ in the 1980’s. President Trump has awakened a sleeping giant, and he has swayed many of his doubters. After all it’s been reported that he only sleeps four hours a night, one of the hardest working Presidents in recent memory. His hard work reflects the successes he’s had. The economy is booming, trade deals are being re-negotiated, wars are coming to an end and our border is finally getting secured.


  President Trump’s tenure in office may be extended four years due to his many successes. President Trump has accomplished so much in his first term he may go down as one of the most important presidents in history.

  Starting with the economy, as of February 24th , 2019 there are more people working now than ever before. This is due to President Trump slashing red tape and cutting taxes on businesses. Incentivizing them to create jobs in the United States as opposed to the outsourcing that has been the norm since NAFTA. Due to all the plants, factories and businesses starting up in the US, manufacturing confidence is at an all time high. All of these new jobs have lead to the lowest Black, Hispanic and Asian American unemployment ever. Also 2.8 million people have come off of food stamps, and many are back to work. Government dependency is on the decline and America is making a return to individual responsibility. 

  The economy has been on fire since Trump’s election, with the stock market breaking multiple records and reaching an all time high. Despite the fact the the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates on Trump more times in 2 years than they did on Obama in eight years. Our economy is now independent, as we are exporting goods at a much higher rate than before Trump’s election. Our president is such a good deal maker we are now selling rice to China. Also the US is the world’s largest oil producer in the world, leading to decreased gas prices all around the country.

  The middle class is flourishing under the Trump administration, with a new record median household income of 61 thousand dollars and middle class income has raised to the highest on record. The tax cuts Trump passed brought more money into the hands of the average American. Letting Americans keep more of their paycheck ultimately benefits economic growth and expansion. As evidenced by the economic records achieved by President Trump. Middle class economic success is dependent on the availability of capital in the free market. 

  If the government confiscates the wealth of Americans, Americans won’t have the means to create a business or put money back into the economy. When the government gets involved in the economy, small business is destroyed and economic mobility is stunted (due to the redistribution of wealth).

  In a bipartisan effort President Trump signed the “First Step Act” into law which is designed to integrate former inmates back into society, as well as reduce the severity of sentencing for victimless crimes like possession of a controlled substance. This act was a major shift in policy from previous Republican administrations who favored harsher drug war era sentencing. Americans have the opportunity at redemption if they are sent to prison, as a country where redemption is a major ideal it’s logical to want to reintegrate former prisoners back into the workforce/society as a whole. 

  President Trump has nominated two highly qualified and successful justices to the United States Supreme Court. Both Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh will uphold our constitutional liberties. Although President Trump agreed to the bump stock ban, his decision to nominate two conservative justices to the Supreme Court shows he wants to protect the Constitutional rights of the American people.

  President Trump is a businessman. He knows how to run a business efficiently and cost effectively. This skill of Trump’s shines through his ability to save the US government money. The US has cut unnecessary foreign aid to countries in order to save money that could be used domestically. Trump has cut 300 million in aid to Pakistan. Pakistan is very hostile toward our ally India, yet Trump has been quoted saying that the US and Pakistan have developed much closer ties as of late. So cutting aid doesn’t automatically insinuate that relations are worsening. Trump also cut 200 million in aid to the Palestinians and cut 285 million from the UN budget. The US is saving money and flourishing economically due to our President’s will to have fair deals.

  President Trump’s next summit with Kim Jong Un is scheduled to be February 27th and 28th in Vietnam. Significant and unforeseen progress has been made in Korea. Trump has convinced Kim Jong Un to join the global economy and to stop missile testing. Just a year ago there was fear of a nuclear war with North Korea. Now, tensions have calmed and the United States is seeking diplomatic ties with North Korea. Although North Korea is guilty of major human rights violations, it’s not the United States’ responsibility to save the people of North Korea. Not when doing so would result in the loss of many American lives. Nuclear war should be avoided at all costs. Trump has avoided nuclear war and ended the Korean war.

  Trump is waging an all out war on human trafficking. Signing multiple bills addressing the issue as well as arresting record numbers of pedophiles/human traffickers. During Trump’s first two years in office, there were 9200 human trafficking arrests. Comparatively during Barack Obama’s first two years only 1238 were arrested for human trafficking. The Trump administration’s effort to eradicate human trafficking from America has been successful. Yet, the problem still exists and needs to be completely annihilated. 

  President Trump has had a historic first term. Saving the United States money, creating economic mobility for the poor, creating economic prosperity for all, ending the Iran nuclear deal, record stock market, record unemployment, replacing NAFTA, criminal justice reform, ending the Korean war, 2 supreme court justices, nominated first woman to head the CIA, cut taxes and has made record human trafficking arrests. Our President also kept his campaign promise to secure our border as he is now building the wall (Walls have proven to work, Israel and Hungary’s walls both reduced illegal immigration by 99%). 

  I’m proud of our President’s accomplishments, seeing the country do this well inspires hope. Hope that the deep state neo-liberal globalists will have power stripped away from them and back to us, the American people. Our country is on the right path, but 2020 is crucial in determining the future of this nation. As the left wants to implement socialism, confiscate your firearms and take away your freedom of speech.

  Trump’s reelection would solidify that the American people reject the far left and socialism and embrace true Americanism. President Trump has had an ultra-successful first term, even if defeated in 2020 he will be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents in recent memory. 

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