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President Trump Issues Executive Order

Protecting Free Speech on Campus

by: Cole Rainey

       President Trump understands conservatives are under attack on college campuses. For too

long public college culture has scrutinized anyone with a right leaning perspective. With

countless college professors indoctrinating students into the wonders of socialism. While

disparaging American traditions like economic freedom, the right to bear arms and most

importantly freedom of speech. Our President is protecting college conservatives all across the

nation by issuing an executive order withholding funds from schools that do not allow freedom

of speech.

       Public colleges should represent the American taxpayer and best serve the American

people. This is because they are funded by a portion of your earnings. If you believe in free

speech, then most public colleges aren’t representing you. Indoctrinating your children that free

speech protects white supremacy and nazis. If Jews had free speech in Nazi Germany, or the

right to bear arms, then the holocaust wouldn’t have happened. Silencing opposition is a key

tactic in tyranny. Just like how Oregon Democrats are looking to label conservatives “white

supremacists” and end conservative rallies at the capitol. The left must silence its opposition to

keep their base unexposed to new ideas. College professors want their agenda pushed forward,

they have no concern for dissenting opinions.

       Freedom of speech allows exposure to the truth. Many people have different truths, but

professors want their truth to be the only truth. Pushing a liberal agenda designed to create

masses of uninformed angry activists. College professors created ANTIFA through extreme

indoctrination and organizing. College professors have been caught hitting people over the head

with bike locks simply because the victim’s ideology didn’t fit the professors agenda. College

kids need to be exposed to the truth of the right. The truth that economic prosperity and upward

economic mobility for all is best achieved through a capitalistic economic model. The truth that

socialism has killed over 100 million people in the 20th century. The truth that freedom of

speech is essential in protecting and preserving our liberties for future generations.

After the assault of a conservative college student at Berkeley, the masses were again red

pilled as to how the left is becoming psychotic and violent. As a student was attacked simply for

being a conservative, and punched in the face hard. During our President’s CPAC speech, he

brought the young man on stage and said, “You took a punch for all of us.” Which is so true in

so many ways. Every conservative who is attacked in the name of liberalism takes their attack in

the name of liberty. As violence exposes the bully and the victim in a given situation. Like

Kanye West says, “liberals cannot bully me.”Those of us who stand proud in the name of liberty

and the rule of law are done being bullied. We are done with the left silencing opposing

viewpoints and ridiculing anyone who dare questions the neo-liberal social justice agenda of

radical leftists. Every attack on a conservative further emphasizes what lead to a Trump

presidency in the first place. The American people said, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and put a

bulldog in the white house who would fight for the freedoms (like free speech) that our republic

was founded on.

       College students across the country are rejoicing at the news that freedom of speech will

be restored among many colleges. Colleges depend on the government for funding, According to

the National Science Foundation, the federal government gives colleges and universities over

$26 billion annually to conduct research. Withholding these funds will incentivize colleges to

restore the American tradition of free speech. College should be a place where young people are

exposed to new ideas. Not a reeducation camp designed to promote only one perspective. This

executive order is the first step toward restoring tolerance in colleges across the country.

President Trump is doing his best to protect conservative college students across the United