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Cole Rainey     01/24/2019

--On January 17th, 2019 a group of 30 white masked men beat up a black man in Portland.

  No these men were not the KKK, they were ANTIFA.  

  Haley Adams, Tiny and three other conservative activists went to the Democratic Socialists of America headquarters during one of their meetings seeking some sort of dialogue with them. They weren’t let into the meeting. On their way out, heading to their cars, rocks began hurdling at them and their cars. In the blink of an eye they were ambushed by 20-30 ANTIFA members all wearing their masks. Chaos broke out, and as a result two conservatives were hospitalized. Being attacked 5-1, the conservatives were simply outnumbered. One by the name of Reggie, a cancer patient, was given a punctured lung and broken ribs from them and had to stay overnight in the hospital. The other one hospitalized is named James. 

  James is African American and happens to support President Trump. In Portland, this makes you a direct target for violence. Proven by ANTIFA, as they beat James with metal batons and split his head open. He had to stay overnight at the hospital and needed stitches and four staples in his head. According to Haley Adams, ANTIFA was laughing as they beat James and Reggie down. Portland PD arrived but allowed one ANTIFA member, identified by Adams as one of the ones who beat up James, go. 

  ANTIFA is a terrorist organization, they just committed a hate crime. As they attacked a man simply because he holds a different perspective than them. The violence needs to stop, civility needs to come back and the left needs to rebuke this terror organization for what they are.

  Hitler had his secret police, Stalin had his NKVD and the Democratic party has ANTIFA.  A group designed to scare conservative Americans into submission. A group designed to enforce social pressure on anyone who disagrees with their radical agenda. A group designed to protect wealthy politicians from an awakening populous. ANTIFA is creating a vile culture across the country. 

  In Portland, if you don’t conform to mainstream group-think than you’re labeled a fascist who ought to be punched. ANTIFA lives by its credo of punching what they consider 'Nazis.' As proven by their attack on James and Reggie. However, the fact is that most ANTIFA members can't define Nazi or identify a single conservative policy that resembles Nazi Germany. Like I’ve stated in previous articles, ANTIFA are the real fascists. They hate Israel, Jews, they want to take away our right to bear arms, they want to limit freedom of speech and they often believe in Communism (which has killed over 110 million from 1900-1987). 

  The irony of the situation is that on the DSA building window, there was a Black Lives Matter poster. The poster still stood tall even after they beat up and hospitalized an innocent black man. Black lives only matter when they are liberals according to ANTIFA. If you don’t conform to their societal re-haul then they deem you worthy of physical attacks and persecution.

  Adam’s claims they went to the meeting with good intentions, seeking to “To listen and to learn. To have a free exchange of ideas." In all honesty they were likely expecting a confrontation, but definitely not to the extreme that ANTIFA has taken it to. They also were looking to promote their effort to repeal Portland's mayor Ted Wheeler, who has repeatedly told the police to stand down as ANTIFA breaks the law. For instance when they were blocking traffic and harassing innocent drivers, even vandalizing one’s car and the police were told to stand down. Wealthy career politicians like Ted Wheeler are protected by these Gestapo like black shirts. Either out of compliance or fear Wheeler is siding with ANTIFA. What happened on January 17th is one example of the dangers associated with ANTIFA’s alliance and reliance on Ted Wheeler.

  Due to years and years of leftist control of Oregon, a once diverse in thought community is now a political monoculture. Oregon’s school system spins history to fit their narrative. Growing up in Oregon I can tell you that Oregon’s school system has a significant liberal bias. Teaching globalism in basic social studies class, giving out 'white privilege' tests to students and being taught that Ronald Reagan committed genocide. In downtown Portland, wearing a MAGA hat is the equivalent of walking around with a swastika tattooed on your forehead. The left simply believes what SNL and late night television tell them about our President and never question the narrative.

  In Oregon, being a conservative is dangerous, it’s a risky position to take. Despite the risks associated with it, many activists such as Joey Gibson and Haley Adams continue to

challenge the narrative and fight for freedom in Portland.

  In reaction to seeing the video of James in the hospital, activists have started the unmask ANTIFA campaign. Gibson claims “the community will clean up the streets” and “from now on anyone with a mask on is part of them."  This unmasking campaign is already taking effect in Portland, as conservative patriots have confronted ANTIFA and demanded they remove their mask.

  A disabled grandpa, who in reaction to seeing James in the hospital, confronted an ANTIFA member with fiery passion. Screaming to him “You want peace or you want war?! Choose!” the cowardly ANTIFA member who refused to take off his mask replied “I don’t want war.” Well, neither do we! We simply want dialogue and for both sides to find some common ground. That won’t happen when MSM and corrupt politicians have their base brainwashed and indoctrinated to hate anyone who disagrees with them, however.

  ANTIFA wants to run Portland’s streets. They want total control over the public and society as a whole. Their goals have been implemented in countries such as the USSR (killed more than 110 million of their own people) and North Korea (who routinely murders political dissidents and publicly executes Christian's). ANTIFA has already been caught meeting with Al-Qaeda and ISIS during a 2017 meeting in Germany. They are interacting with literal terrorists and people question their motives? 

  ANTIFA has been exposed by Steven Crowder for bringing AK’s and knives to rallies. Crowder, who went undercover as a new ANTIFA recruit, was handed an ice pick and asked to be prepared for shit to hit the fan. In the video, Utah ANTIFA member “Clark” said, “The difference between us and many other activist groups is the willingness to respond with violence." In their own words, they are a violent group. A group hell bent on destroying America

and all the values by which our country was founded.

  These modern Gestapo agents are seeking to undermine the will of patriots across the country. They are seeking to destroy the principles of the individual, economic freedom and national security. They are seeking a Utopian society where everyone is equal and everything is "free," so nobody can complain. Historically, these Socialist policies have led to famine, corruption, and in some instances, genocide. These ideas are collectivist marxist ideas, predicated on the lie that there’s no economic upward mobility in a free market system. 

  ANTIFA doesn’t care about natural rights because they are a secular group. They hold no moral compass other than what MSNBC or Buzzfeed deems emotionally applicable. They have no belief in God, so they view people as malleable. Simply cogs in an unimportant ecosystem. As a Christian I view the individual as the most important aspect of a society. Individual perspectives encompass our diverse culture as a whole. 

  Diversity of opinion and thought is what America is all about. Social regimentation, which is what ANTIFA is seeking to implement, actually falls under the Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of a fascist. Antifa are the real fascists, they are willing to hospitalize their political opposition. This type of disgusting behavior will continue until the last straw breaks the camel's back. 

  The people will eventually have had enough of these thugs running the streets. If the politicians won’t do anything, in due time the community will take action.