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Oregon Democrats Funded By Convicted Child Pornographer

By Cole Rainey

       Particular members of the Oregon Democrat party have some serious explaining to do, as they have taken money directly from a known child pornographer. The moral depravity of the left is epitomized by their never ending relations with known child abusers and pedos. Terry Bean was just the tip of the iceberg, the ties between Democrats and childers are substantial and well documented.

Morel Ink, ran out of Portland Oregon, provides services for many Democrat politicians in Oregon. Including but not limited to, Ted Wheeler, Shemia Fagan, Brad Witt, The "Vaccine Queen" Elizabeth Steiner Hayward and Kate Brown. They are a printing organization, aiding Democrats during election cycles. Morel Ink is run by a man who was caught storing child porn on his work computer in 2007. This same man directly funds many Oregon Democrats, having donated thousands to Democrats through PACs and thousands to some directly. His arraignment came while he was working as the spokesman for former Democrat Gov. Ted Kulongoski.

       The Oregonians states, "Scott Ballo, a former spokesman for Gov. Ted Kulongoski, was arraigned this week in Marion County Circuit Court on two counts of "encouraging child sex abuse" and one count of official misconduct. All charges are misdemeanors. The two counts of "encouraging child sex abuse" involve possessing pornographic images of children under 18. The charges stem from Ballo's time at the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department, where he was communications manager in 2003 and 2004."

       Ballo has been a donor to the Planned Parenthood PAC, Governor Kate Brown, former State House Majority leader Jenifer Williamson, Treasurer Tobias Read and State Senator Shemia Fagan. Fagan in particular has been taking from Ballo since all the way back in 2012 when she was a state representative. All of these politicians wield massive influence in Oregon's Democrat party. If they are so greedy that they ignore the fact that their personal friend Scott Ballo is a known pedo, and they take from him regardless, what does that say about their character? Most of these puppets are controlled not only by globalist financial elites like Soros and Bloomberg but also by child abusers like Ballo and Terry Bean. The Democrat party of Oregon is corrupt beyond belief, they will take money from anyone who throws it their way. Whoring out to the lowest of the low lives like Bean and Ballo. The Democrats involved in this scandal owe US ANSWERS. Several Democrats returned money from Terry Bean following his scandal breaking, why isn't Shemia Fagan returning her most recent donation of $1,250 from Scott Ballo? Why doesn't Kate Brown return her most recent donation of $1000 from Ballo? How does the Democrat party of Oregon do this without being held accountable? The people of Oregon deserve the S.O.S. to look into these corrupt ties.