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Entry 1: 08/30/2019

Oregon Democratic Donor Arrested for Child Rape of Minor

By: Cole Rainey

       Terry Bean has been a major player in Oregon politics, donating to many state and federal candidates in Oregon over the years. 

       His, is yet another story of a influential Clinton and Obama connected figure who uses his power to exploit innocence. 

       Terry Bean was recently indicted on suspicion of raping a 15 year old boy in a hotel room with his boyfriend. 

       The Oregon publication,Willamette Week, points out, “In 2015, Bean was indicted in Lane County on charges of sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy. Bean offered the alleged victim a $225,000 settlement prior to trial, and when the young man refused to testify, the case was dismissed.” 

       Bean was then indicted again, on January 17th, for the same 2013 incident.

       Why the young man refused to testify remains unknown. But, we know that Terry Bean has powerful friends, and wields influence through his direct ties to the Democrats of Oregon. It seems that 2019 is the year of exposing morally bankrupt, and disgusting pedophiles in high places. This seems to be the common narrative of 2019

       Rosenblum apparently disregarded Bean’s indictment and re-indictment, and looked the other way on Bean's indiscretions with this 15yr old boy; it goes to show exactly what type of characters the Democrats hang around. The 66 year old “gay rights activist”, whose supposed actions are reminiscent of Kevin Spacey, has been a longtime Democratic donor. He was a major supporter of former Portland mayor Sam Adams. Bean was quoted saying "I've supported Sam in every race in the past, and I intended to again." in a 2012 interview with Oregon Live. Terry Bean has been a major player in Oregon politics, KGW reported, “Bean has made contributions to Oregon federal candidates including Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, Senator Jeff Merkley and Congressman Earl Blumenauer.” These never Trumpers who accepted money from Bean are the definition of “the swamp”. The close ties these Democrats have with Bean reflects the collective character of the Left. Similar to the close ties that many Left leaning politicians and media figures had with Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others, the left holds Terry Bean near and dear.

       Beto o’Rourke, who has been exposed funneling campaign contributions to illegals in the US by Project Veritas, received money from Bean. Also Claire McCaskill, who Project Veritas exposed as a fake moderate who lied about her positions regarding guns, received donations from Bean. Terry Bean also raised 500k for Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012. He has held personal parties for the Clintons and Obamas at his personal mansion in Portland.

       Oregon AG Rosenblum was confronted by Multnomah County Copwatch and asked about her contributions from Mr. Bean. She evaded the interviewer, running away from the confrontation. Her and one of her associates did everything in their power to avoid the camera, crossing a crosswalk with a red light and escaping into a local coffee shop for refuge. Oregon AG Rosenblum’s lack of transparency reflects the elitist attitude of leftist politicians. The average citizen journalist is seen as below them, not worthy of even a “no comment” answer. Although AG rosenblum returned all of Bean’s money, the connection between Democrats and elitist perverts is still strong. Recently Willamette Week reported, “the Committee to Elect Ellen Rosenblum Attorney General made a filing in the state's campaign finance database disclosing that the committee was returning a series of contributions from Bean dating back to 2012 and totaling $2,150.”

       The swamp needs to be drained and Terry Bean is indicative of who exactly resides in “the swamp”. The indictment and re-indictment of Bean is a clear signal that virtue signaling that he traffics in doesn’t actually reflect the true morality of the individual.

            Leftists like Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Epstein and Terry Bean may appear virtuous to the naked eye, but behind closed doors the reality is starkly different. The compulsive urges of sadists like Weinstein and Spacey, abusing their power to gain control of others, is despicable. Considering the quarter of a million dollars offered to the witness as a settlement prior to the trial, it’s to be assumed that Bean feared the case going to trial. The case will now, apparently.  It will be interesting to see whether or not the young man will be willing to testify. Hopefully Bean is held accountable for his actions and justice is served.           As for AG Rosenblum, her ties to Bean should concern every Oregonian. She is the top law official in the State of Oregon, and has a glaring conflict of interest when it comes to Terry Bean. Democrats are either slow learners or gatekeepers, either they are truly ignorant as to what their donors are up to or they simply accept this type of behavior. Regardless, the swamp will be drained and the rule of law will win. People like Bean will be held accountable and victims will get justice. Oregon may be the home of many swamp creatures, but patriots across the state will not stand for this type of degeneracy.