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Entry 2 


Sara Gelser Feels "Unsafe"

By: Cole Rainey


       Sara Gelser shrieked in fear over Brian Boquist's comments to former senate majority leader Peter Courtney. As Brian Boquist told Peter Courtney if the Democrats send state police after the Republicans in the case of a walk out "Hell is coming your way personally" and he challenged the Democrats to "send bachelors and come heavily armed". An expression of his first amendment rights and considering the Oregon State Constitution doesn't give the Governor the authority to send the police after them, his comments may have been justified. Regardless of constitutionality, Sara Gelser whines that she feels "unsafe" around Boquist. Despite her consistently endangering Oregonians via criminal friendly legislation. While she claims to feel "unsafe" around Boquist, truth is, we the people are unsafe because of Gelser.

       Sara Gelser voted in favor of legislation mandating that any violent criminal, including school shooters, under the age of 18 have a possibility of parole/release after 15 years. It also requires the judge to factor in multiple irrelevant factors when sentencing, including: Peer pressure, history of trauma and others to blame. The individual needs to be held accountable for their own actions and legislation like this permits violent criminals to be released back onto the streets. If a 17 year old brutally rapes and murders a child, they deserve the death penalty, regardless of age. Justice means punishment sometimes.

       Gelser's ideology of a weak judicial puts Oregonians lives at risk. Countless Oregonians have been raped, robbed and killed by illegal immigrants and Gelser sponsored legislation, HB 3464, that prohibits the disclosure of someone's immigration status to authorities. This legislation protects anyone who can get access to Oregon, regardless of if they're a criminal, a gang member, a human trafficker or a terrorist. This legislation is a shining example of how globalism has infected Oregon. The well being of homeless Oregonians, many veterans, is put last as illegal immigrants get showered with state benefits, legal accommodation, housing and sanctuary.

       Gelser also supports gun control to the fullest extent. Another example of how she sides with criminals. She supports forcing Oregonians to lock their guns away in their own homes, giving a distinct advantage to the criminal breaking into your house. She supports assault weapons bans, concealed carry restrictions and magazine limits. She supports gun confiscation via police force, which has only resulted in death throughout history. She supports the government outarming the citizens and that is an infringement on Oregon's constitution. Article 1, Section 27 of the Oregon Constitution states: “The people shall have the right to bear arms for the defence [sic] of themselves, and the State, but the Military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil power[.]”

       The "civil power" is the civilian army, exactly what the founders knew would keep the republic from falling to tyranny. The state military, IE, the national guard should not out arm Oregonians. The "military (the national guard/police) must be kept in subordination to (inferior to) the civil power (the people)." This incrementalism of gun control has plagued our state for far too long. The people know that their rights are under attack, the people know the "civil power" is being threatened by power hungry control freaks like Sara Gelser.

       Gelser wants to disarm Oregonians, send the police after legislators and then act surprised when someone pushes back against her and her party's authoritarian bullying. Gelser is a globalist who puts the safety of Oregonians on the backburner for the sake of virtue signaling to her far left base and her "bestie" Shemia Fagan. They both take their F ratings from the NRA like it makes them cool, Shemia Fagan even has it as her Twitter pin. Control freaks like Gelser and Fagan who openly undermine the constitution don't deserve the power they have been beholden. They openly side with criminals over law abiding Oregonians. It's time we the people let these leftist thugs know that we will not stand for this tyranny.