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Joey Nations For Oregon’s 5th Congressional District

Cole Rainey     01/31/19

--Oregon’s 5th congressional district has been on lock down for the past 22 years by the Democratic party.


  Currently ten year incumbent Kurt Schrader feels he’s a shoo in for reelection. As Oregon has been a traditionally left leaning state and long term incumbents rarely are unseated. However, a grassroots awakening is under way in the northwest. More and more people are coming to realize the Democratic party isn’t looking out for Americans best interests. Rather, Democrats like Kurt Schrader, prioritize the wants of illegal immigrants over the needs of American citizens. On Schrader’s website he touts that the annual cost of deportations is estimated at around “605.6 million."  What he fails to mention is the annual cost of illegal immigrants on the American taxpayer, which according to FAIR is “116 billion dollars” annually. Illegal immigrants are reaping the American nanny state for all it’s worth. According to FAIR, illegal immigrants cost Oregonians “1.2 billion dollars annually."  At the state and local level across the United States, illegal immigrants are costing taxpayers roughly 89 billion dollars annually. Total federal expenditures are estimated at around 46 billion per year. These staggering statistics put into perspective the burden that our weak immigration system is putting on the American taxpayer.

  Oregonians are tired of Democrat politicians representing special interests, donors, lobbyists, non Americans and not their constituency. Democrat's want weak borders because they rely on the votes of illegal immigrants. In Texas, it has been reported by the Dallas Observer and confirmed by Texas’ AG and Secretary of State that 58 thousand undocumented people voted in the 2018 elections. Kurt Schrader falls in line with the rest of the elitist class of Oregon liberals who believe through virtue signaling and mass immigration they can maintain their power. Despite the strong grip Schrader has on his seat, an uprising is underway in the northwest. Patriots from across the northwest are rising up and realizing the crucial fight we are in. Our natural rights are under attack, as the Democrat party moves further and further left. 

  ANTIFA violence is increasing, recently hospitalizing two men in Portland simply for supporting Trump. You’ll never hear about ANTIFA violence from the Democrat party. The Democrat party is using ANTIFA as a fear tactic to scare conservatives into submission. We will not be scared into submission. The time has come to rise up and take our state back for the good of Oregon and for the fate of the United States.

  The grassroots conservative movement in Oregon has been spearheaded by a few brave men and women. Now one man has decided that it is his responsibility as an American to step up and preserve liberty for future generations. This man is Joey Nations, a patriot from Salem Oregon who holds American values dear and wants to bring true representation back to the state of Oregon. For far too long Oregonians have been ignored by the elitist liberal class and now’s the time for change. 

  Nations has decided to run for Oregon’s 5th congressional district seat in the house of representatives. He has been at the tip of the spear in the fight for liberty for years. He originally worked for a Utah based lobbying firm that held clientele worldwide. Upon seeing the darkest forms of corruption in politics he decided to leave that career behind and move his family to Salem. Taking a job as an Operations Analyst with the State of Oregon where he works on saving the state money. However Nations is ready to step back into the fight and help D.C. around back to its proper place of serving the American people.

  Nations platform is predicated on America first policies that put the American worker and family first. He’s in favor of lowering taxes, cutting bureaucratic red tape and allowing the economy to flourish. He is also against corporate bailouts, he believes the free market can heal itself and government involvement only slows economic progress. Nations also advocates that infrastructure projects ought to be required to hire and buy American. Spending our tax dollars domestically is a major priority of Nations. On the issue of immigration, he holds a hard line stance. He believes we need strong borders, required e-verify for legal employment and we need to enforce immigration laws. He also believes, as a Christian, that it is our responsibility to protect the unborn. Advocating getting tax dollars out of abortion and plans on co-sponsoring the 20 week pain capable bill that acknowledges the life of an unborn child. Nations most personal issue and one he holds dearest is government corruption. All too often politicians rub elbows with special interests and donors and leave the American people out to dry. Joey Nations will represent Oregonians first and foremost. He is not sold out, he is not corrupt, he is a Christian family man looking to make a positive impact on the future of America.

  I had the opportunity to interview Nations and ask him some questions regarding his run for congress. I asked Nations why Kurt Schrader is the wrong choice for Oregonians and he responded:

  "His absolute disregard for the safety of his fellow Oregonians and constituents when it comes to illegal immigration. I’ve asked Kurt to his face why he voted No on Kate’s Law and thinks a border wall is a “stupid idea”? His answer is to place his concerns of upsetting foreign citizens over caring for Americans and taking a DACA recipient to the


  ‘Kate’s law’ would have revoked federal funding from sanctuary states/cities harboring criminal illegal aliens. It also would have mandated prison sentencing for undocumented immigrants who re-enter the United States after being deported. This law was proposed after the brutal murder of Kate Steinle, a 32 year old murdered by an illegal alien who had been deported 6 times and was a 7 time felon. California’s catch and release laws allowed him back onto the streets with no conviction and then he went on to murder Kate Steinle. The bill failed to pass because congressmen like Kurt Schrader voted against it. 

  Democrat's have supported border walls in the past, whether it be the “Secure fence act of 2006” or the “Gang of Eight Bill.” However, now that someone outside of the political establishment is in the executive, the Democrats will oppose him no matter what he does. Nations will work with the President, supporting his effort to secure the southern border. Preventing violent criminals, gang members and human traffickers from entering the United States and putting American citizens first and foremost.

  I asked Joey Nations about his top priorities upon entering office:

  “I plan on joining the House Freedom Caucus to sponsor immigration reform that will put America 1st and stop illegal immigration cold. Slashing the federal deficit and foreign spending programs. Sponsoring a Constitutional Carry Resolution that recognizes every eligible American citizen (not violent felons) have the ability to carry a firearm based on the US Constitution 2nd Amendment."


 Nations supports our right to bear arms and is willing to fight for it. A Constitutional carry resolution would keep Americans safer. As more Americans would be able to conceal carry weapons and defend themselves from criminals, school shooters or anyone looking to harm them. Foreign aid makes up roughly 40 billion dollars annually. Reducing foreign aid would allow us to take care of our veterans, homeless and infrastructure problems that plague the United States. America first is a big part of Nations’ campaign. I asked Nations what America First means to him:

  “To me, this means putting our country first in policy when relating to immigration, the economy and government corruption. Allow immigrants who will benefit our economy and country, stop those who won’t. Place American jobs and products first in all government spending programs and contracting. Stop the practice of insider trading in D.C. and regularly keep the constituents of CD5 in the know of what’s happening in D.C.”


  Nations’ America first message is resonating with Oregonians all throughout district 5. With an increasing number of individuals awakening to the sick reality that the Democrat party no longer represents the American people. Nations’ base of support swells from the grassroots and Oregonians who are normally left out of the political processes that run our state. He speaks to the reality of our situation and offers common sense solutions that the establishment on both sides don’t want the people to hear. Nations’ willingness to not become morally bankrupt like so many other politicians reflects his strength in character. He will always vote on principle and stay true to his constituency. Unlike Kurt Schrader who peddles CNN talking points and refuses to represent the American people. 

  Kurt Schrader is a hypocrite, he posts pictures on his social media of him posing with TSA workers who are going unpaid during the previous government shut down while simultaneously voting against ‘HJ RES 28,’ a bill that would ensure federal workers receive their paychecks during the shutdown. Schrader puts partisanship above the needs of the American people and this is a perfect example of that. 

  As a leader of the ‘resistance’ to President Trump, Schrader has made it clear he supports a far left socialist agenda. An agenda that seeks to increase taxes on the lower and middle class, stunt upward economic mobility and allow a holocaust of the unborn. Schrader supports taxpayer funded abortion up till the day before pregnancy. This disgusting perspective is intolerable to anyone with a conscious. A nine month old in the womb is a baby, not a fetus. My brothers were born three months early and survived. They were just as human as the doctors doing the procedure. Joey Nations will fight to protect the unborn from being brutally murdered.

  Joey Nations is a true patriot. When asked if America is an exceptional nation he replied,

  “The absolute best and none other like her. Remember this – there is nowhere in the world for Americans to run. This is the final stand.”


  America is the last stand for freedom, and if we let it

slip from our grasp, liberty may never see the light of day again. Nations’ view on liberty extends to the drug war, as he is an advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Regarding the topic he said, 

  “I personally am in favor of the legalization of marijuana and hemp. I also support de-scheduling at the federal level so we can further research the plants for medicinal and industrial application. This is a states rights issue and locality issue. I do support voters deciding whether they want to allow it to be sold in their individual states.” 

  After all, all politics is local, so Nations’ states rights approach to the issue helps address the diverse needs of the individuals in all 50 states.

  Nations is confident he can beat Kurt Schrader in the 2020 election. When I asked him about his chances he stated, 

  “Absolutely. 110%! With the support of my family and the grassroots patriots of Oregon, I know I can win!” 

  Oregonians believe him! The grassroots patriots of Oregon are on Nations’ side and they will fight with him. He also pointed out Schrader’s flaws as a leader noting,

  “He doesn’t put us first. He can’t even put our Country first. He’s so busy raising money with his favorite special interests, rubbing elbows in D.C. and pretending to care that he forgets we’re even here. He votes against us on the issues like immigration and tax cuts while pretending to care about our “concerns”. He is out of touch. I will bring common sense back to the seat and always have my constituents as my top priority!”

  The 2020 election will be big all around, but this particular race will be interesting to follow. If Nations can win the primary, he has a good shot at beating Schrader in the general. 

  As the grassroots of Oregon, as well as the silent Trump supporting moderates and liberals, will vote for America first candidates. Nations differs from other republicans in that he’s not sold out to donors, lobbyists or special interests. Nations’ interests are those of the men and women of Oregon’s 5th district whose voices have been ignored. He doesn’t have a slew of lobbyists controlling him, he’s simply a christian family man who understands that it’s the American people's responsibility to protect and preserve liberty for future generations.