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Iran Destroys Tankers in Persian Gulf

By: Thomas C. Leager

Friday, June 14th, 2019

       On Thursday, June 13th, 2019, several tankers in the Gulf of Oman were attacked. One of them being Japanese. No one is claiming responsibility.   

       In a press-conference Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested that all recent actions and intel points to Iranian state actors, as the rhetoric and tone of Iran has been increasingly inflammatory. Pompeo suggests this is a reaction to the Trump Administration's increases in sanctions and pressure on the rogue state. "Diplomacy should be met with diplomacy, not bloodshed..." said Pompeo.

       The targeting of a Japanese ship, on the heels of a meeting between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Ayatollah Ali Kahmenei (see picture on bottom right), leaves the world wondering if global tensions will rise?

       Oil prices spiked on Thursday to 3.4%, to $52.88 per barrel at the end of the day on the 13th, and on Friday morning is now trading at around $54 per barrel.


       For those who remember, much of this is reminiscent of the Tanker Wars of the 1980's, in which Iran used limpet mines--the same type of limpet mine has likely been found on the side of the ship Kokuka Courageous (see picture on top right)-- to target tankers, and in return had their Navy decimated by the U.S. 

       At the time, Iran had little option but to accept the humiliating blow. The Ayatollah and the Iranian state may see their chance for revenge, and wish to pull the U.S. into a larger conflict. 

       The pictures were taken by the U.S. destroyer U.S.S. Bainbridge. They spotted the triangular limpet mine, and US Central Command has released the photos of the mine, along with video of an Iranian gunboat trying to remove the unexploded device.


       Aside from sanctions, Iran has been a hot bed of internal turmoil as the Ayatollah's cult like status has slipped. The People's Mujahedin--a leftist organization with ties to George Soros--has been gaining momentum and stirring up protests in the country. Encouraging women to remove their burkas and coverings, and putting up anti-ayatollah propaganda posters. This may be a chance for the Ayatollah to rally his people around a common cause. 

       Again, the sophistication of this operation suggests State funded and extremely trained military personnel, as the Gulf of Oman is shallow, the moon was half full, and the mission would have required extreme stealth. The explosives used would have been more than any small outfit could create, and the mine found on the side of the Japanese ship is being investigated.

       Matt Braken, of the website Enemies Foreign and Domestic during an appearance on InfoWars, suggested that Iran may want to escalate conflict by "...kicking America in the shins..."  Bracken explained that Iran may still be smarting from the destruction of their Navy during Operation Praying Mantis, April 18th 1988. An honor culture like Iran's doesn't forget. Persian Hammurabic tradition would demand an "eye for an eye". 

      President Donald Trump, on Friday, made clear his stancethat Iran was the perpetrator of the event, on Fox and Friends. "It was them that did it," "We will see what happens. We are being very tough on sanctions...We're going to see how to stop (it)."

       Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief , a seasoned veteran of fighting Communism and Globalism in America, has a very different take on the incident in the Gulf of Oman. 

As we know, the Middle East is rife with turmoil, with Syria and Iran taking center-stage. We know that the White Helmets, a supposedly pro-west group that is funded by American taxpayers, has aided and supplied jihadis, they have been directly implicated by BBC producer Riam Dalati, as perpetrating a false flag gas attack in Duma, and more... This is all theater. Theater created for the purpose of getting the American war machine more deeply entrenched into the Syrian conflict. (see Genie Gate)

       Joel Skousen, and many others, see this as another false flag event. Staged by a sophisticated outfit supplied by a foreign state, or the American Deep State itself, in order to provoke America into aggressive action towards Iran; allowing Russia or China to appear justified in replying with aggressive actions towards America. Russia and China need solid justification to go on the offensive. They need a smoke screen to further undermine America's reputation in the international community, and perhaps convince others to abandon the petro-dollar and increase the influence of the BRICS alliance. The Petro-Dollar is already on unstable ground, and a mudslide of nations abandoning its use as the world's reserve currency would cause drastic economic backlash in the States. 

     If the U.S. falls, then there is nothing standing in the way of the Globalist technocrats, and their plan for centralizing world power. The Globe would fall to tyranny. America is the last bastion of Free Speech, Self-Defense, and Individual Liberty... We cannot let it fall.

       War, regime change, and interfering in other countries internal affairs has weakened America. Let us truly Make America Great Again, and ditch the failed foreign policies of the post WWII era.