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Ilhan Omar: Threat to National Security

Cole Rainey     02/11/2019

--Ilhan Omar recently made news calling for a complete defunding of DHS.


  Her tweet read, “When Democrats stood our ground last month, we proved that Individual 1 does not have the public support to ram his hateful wall through Congress. Let’s stand firm: #Not1Dollar for DHS.” DHS oversees the TSA, ICE, FEMA, Customs and Border Patrol, the Coast Guard and the Secret Service. This moronic assertion that congress ought to completely defund DHS is a threat to national security. These agencies all act individually to protect the United States from foreign and domestic threats. Threats including radical islamic terrorism, which Omar has proven to have a soft spot for.

  In the state legislature of Minnesota, Omar asked a judge to lessen the sentence of several Somali men who were caught trying to join ISIS. Why? Omar’s loyalty lies not with her constituency, rather, with those looking to destroy the fabric of American society. Ilhan Omar’s ideology is a threat to national security, her ideals are not conducive with western culture and her irrationality regarding policy stems from a deep rooted hatred for American patriotism.

  She even disavowed Muslims who celebrate Christmas, chastising them publicly for assimilating. The left wants a multicultural society, unofficially segregated through classism, racism (anti-white) and a collective will to dispel western ideals. Leftists like Omar are looking to bring America to its knees through the systematic elimination of societal norms. Societal norms such as celebrating mainstream commercialized holidays that have became American tradition. 

  When foreigners enter the United States they should be expected to assimilate to our culture. Expected to grasp concepts like civil liberties, civil rights, diversity of thought, tolerance etc. They should be expected to have a basic grasp on western culture. Those who oppose diversity of thought and inclusion include gang members and terrorists. Both of these groups are halted by federal agencies controlled by DHS.

  Without ICE criminal illegal aliens would run the streets. Without CBP the southern border would be the epicenter of human trafficking (even though it already is an epidemic). Without FEMA, there would be no aid for those affected by natural disasters. Without the TSA, airport and airline security would be substantially weaker. Omar wants to protect those looking to harm the United States. Through an indirect call for weaker national security, Omar has made it clear that she herself is a threat to national security. Aiding and abetting terrorists should be enough for her resignation. Yet, she continues to attack societal norms, American tradition and the US’ national security without consequence. Where are the people of Minnesota? Why are they not in the streets protesting the ridiculousness coming out of Omar’s mouth?

  Ilhan Omar is trying to garner attention like a whining child. She is a trojan horse for terrorist operations within the US, as defunding DHS would increase terror activity domestically. Without the protections of DHS, Americans would be vulnerable to domestic terrorism. This assertion that DHS is unnecessary is a means of implementing a weak national security apparatus. All in the hopes of empowering terror organizations, gang activity and threats to everyday Americans. 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris suggested “ICE is like the KKK”, claims like this are founded in the false assumption that we are not a country of laws. The KKK wasn’t enforcing the law, they were a terrorist organization. ICE enforces federal law and protects American lives.

  The left is now engaging in an all out war on the rule of law. Ilhan Omar is at the tip of the spear of this war. Her attempts to influence policy are all rooted out of a hatred of western ideals and Americanism. The time is now to stand up for the rule of law, the time is now to fight back. It’s a fight back or be destroyed situation. Will the left be permitted to destroy the rule of law and

erode the privileges that come with being an American citizen?

Photo Courtesy of The Washington Times

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