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Greta Thunberg Is Soros Funded

By: Cole Rainey

       Greta Thunberg is a Soros funded, ANTIFA supporting, climate paranoia inducing swamp minion who simply echos what her handlers have fed to her. She is pushing a narrative of government intrusion and hyperbolic climate irrationality. Her truth has been manufactured by the elites. She has received praise from the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and multiple presidential candidates for her climate hysteria narrative. Also she has now being rumored to win the nobel peace prize. She believes that due to "inaction" on climate change, the world is facing imminent destruction. She believes that world leaders like our wonderful president are responsible for this epidemic, when countries like China and India are far worse polluters in actuality. Greta's best friend and mentor is Luisa-Marie Neubauer, who is controlled by the "One Foundation" which has several wealthy financiers including George Soros. This connection proves the global cabal is fully behind Greta's efforts. Soros has funded Hillary Clinton and Kate Brown as well, two purveyors of the climate change lie.

       George Soros has compared himself to God, saying he "felt as if he was the creator of everything" and has openly stated that global law should supercede US law. He is an architect of the NWO and has a stake in the fear tactics being perpetuated by Greta Thunberg.

      The Swedish climate activist also supports ANTIFA, the violent far left militant group that has openly stated goals of overthrowing elected governments and replacing them with eco-fascist communist governments. Her supporting them is dangerous, as it rationalizes and incentivizes political violence in the name of eco-fascism.

       Greta Thunberg is a dangerous figure who has the power to shape millions' perspectives on climate change. Her power is rooted in funding from George Soros and her wealthy liberal actor parents' political connections. Fear mongering to this degree is representative of the fear the neo-liberal elites have that WE THE PEOPLE are waking up to this mass hysteria and that we are finally pushing back.