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GOP Walks Out

Oregon GOP done playing ball with leftist policy makers, over green economic death sentence.

Oregon Senate Republicans Walk Out Again, over HB 2020

Cole Rainey


8:57 am PST

The Oregon Senate Republicans heard the voices of a mass of Oregonians who came to the capitol to protest the horrendous bill: HB 2020. HB 2020 will destroy the trucking and timber industry. It will suck the life force out of Oregon's economy. This decision to walk out comes with potential consequences. Governor Kate Brown has suggested that she will use police force against Senate Republicans in order to force a vote on HB 2020 and she threatened to revive SB 978 (Ridiculous Gun Laws) and HB 3063 (The Forced Vaccination Bill) if the GOP decided to walk out. Well now that they've done it, Kate Brown will be forced to make a tough decision. Will she order the state police against the Senators? Or will she back down to this power play by the Oregon GOP?

This walk out stems from a systematic attempt to bureaucratically confiscate Oregon's energy industry and regulate all commerce. This attempt to hijack private industry is an attack on the working class Oregonians who are the backbone of our economy. HB 2020 puts a major burden on everyone. It will increase the costs of food and everything else transported via truck. This increased cost is an unnecessary burden on the average Oregonian. Our economy should be predicated on competition, not on government dependency and state control.

HB 2020 also allows our corrupt governor Kate Brown to make international climate law deals on behalf of us. So, this tyrant who has attended UN Climate Law meetings and has stated "Oregon could lead the country and the world in climate law" can now dictate the economic destiny of Oregon. California's C.A.R.B. (California Air Resource Board) has made interstate tariffs and new taxes without the legislature's approval. They act independent of the lawmakers and the people. They act as a fourth branch of government and Oregon is poised to empower the Climate Policy Office with the same authority to enslave Oregonians. Kate Brown has pushed this legislation as a trojan horse for tyranny and total control.

This bill is ridiculous, I can't believe so many moderates and independents have bought into Oregon's Green New Deal. This cap and trade bill kills jobs, destroys lives and destroys industry. Betsy Johnson (D- Scappoose) was removed from voting on the bill in committee because she was a "no". This is a bipartisan issue, and one we can unite behind. No governor should have the power to make international climate law deals. This garbage legislation is the essence of this supermajority's swamp mentality. The people of Oregon deserve to be put first in their own state.

This walk out is a display of power by the GOP. No longer will they tolerate this socialist, climate alarmist, totalitarian legislation. Kate Brown should listen to the voices of thousands of Oregonians who are fed up with the left's attempt to socialize every industry in the state of Oregon. Except big tax exempt corporations of course, like NIKE, who was exempt from the new business tax. These corporate schills are simply appeasing their special interests with HB 2020 and this walk out is a sign that we the people are being heard.