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Thomas Leager     02/24/2019

Genie Energy and the Golan Heights:

  Keith Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, Bill Richardson, and illustrious names like Lord Jacob Rothchild - all deck the roster of Genie Energy’s Strategic Advisory Board. Genie Energy is the only company to retain exclusive drilling rights in the disputed Golan Heights area. Genie Energy was granted these exclusive oil and gas exploration rights in 2013, to the highly disputed 153-square mile radius area in the southern part of the Golan Heights, by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's administration. Having gained these rights just 23 months after the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. How convenient this timing is? Could these long-time war profiteers, propaganda smut peddlers, and well-known globalist hacks have cooked up a war to ensure the security for their new investment in the area? Would they try and use U.S. troops to guard their new money maker?

  The president of Genie Energy’s Israeli subsidiary is Efraim “Effi” Eitam, an Israeli military commander who called for expelling the “cancer” of Arabs from Israel.

  Dick Cheney former Vice President (some referred to him as G.W. Bush’s shadow president), before becoming “shadow president” Cheney was the CEO of Haliburton, now one of the world’s largest oil field services company.

  James Woolsey, a neo-con and former CIA director under Bill Clinton, sits on the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and other auspicious globalist think thanks. Along with being on the (PNAC) Project for a New American Century with Dick Cheney.

  Keith Rupert Murdoch runs gigantic media firms (FOX and Sky news) in both the U.S. and UK. As well as supplying funding to Bill Kristol, founder of PNAC.

  What we can see from just this small glimpse into Genie Energy, is that this board is made up of self-serving globalist neo-cons that have no interest in doing what is in America’s best interest. These connections run deep. With the little resources we have, we could write a book on the ties between these elite criminal networks—networks that make up the globalist groups that have been a source of pestilence and sorrow for America. One can only wonder if the totality of silence from the mainstream media, when it comes to this glaring corruption and the overwhelming support by government agencies for the increase of American intervention in the Syrian conflict, might be due to propaganda and lined pockets? Donald J. Trump has been an unwanted, and painfully surprising thorn in the side of these corrupt factions, that go far deeper than the left/right paradigm.

  Could a manufactured conflict to serve the elites been in the works? Would “Madame President” Hillary Clinton have given these globalists boots on the ground, in exchange for backing her presidency? And, what a blow it would be if those aspirations melted away, smashed into so many pieces by a political outsider named, Donald J. Trump. It would explain much. Trump will not give them their Syrian War, and we see the price he and those connected to him have paid. How long can this go on, without the public standing up?

President of Genie Energy: 

Ira Greenstein

Genie Energy (subsidiary of IDT) Strategic Advisory Board:

Howard Jonas Chairman of the Board Rafael Holdings, Inc.

James Courte: Vice Chairman Genie Energy Ltd.

William Perry: Member of the Board of Directors EGL Resources, Inc.

Allan Sass: Member of the Board of Directors Genie Energy Ltd.

Alan Rosenthal:  Member of the Board of Directors Genie Energy Ltd.

Keith Murdoch: AC Member of Advisory Board News Corporation

Nathaniel Rothschild:  Member of Advisory Board RIT Capital Partners plc

Richard Cheney:  Member of Advisory Board Genie Energy Ltd.

Michael Steinhardt: Member of Advisory Board WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc.

Lawrence Summers: Member of Advisory Board Digital Currency Group

William Richardson III: Member of Advisory Board New Mexico State Investment Council

Mary Landrieu: Member of Advisory Board CenturyLink, Inc.

Robert James Woolsey Jr: Member of Advisory Board BioDefense Corporation Capiq Partnership

Most Connected People On The Genie Energy Ltd. Board:

William Blaine Richardson III

Keith Rupert Murdoch AC

Howard S. Jonas

Robert James Woolsey Jr.

Michael H. Steinhardt 

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