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The Free Men Rep​ort Live Stream

Every Thursday @ 1 pm CST/2 pm EST

The True Story of The Whitmer Entrapment Plot

Below is just a portion of the broadcasts TFMR has put out to expose the lies of the FBI and their entrapment plot. 

My compatriots and I were thrust into the middle of this political hit job in late 2020.

From the beginning, these arrests were overtly political and served as an October surprise. 

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The Beginning of The Awakening of the Public


       As the Pretender and Chief, Joe Biden continues to play at being an actual President, even the few voters he actually had are abandoning him in droves. In his first week, he has destroyed American Energy independence--hello, $6.00 a gallon, and higher heating costs for low-income families. He has restarted the war machine. He has declared whole swathes of the country "domestic terrorists". He is poised to plunge our markets, and his Secretary of Defense is discussing disbanding the Army and handing our National Defense over to reliance on an international force reliant on China. 

      How is this going over with the public?

      Answer. It is flying like a lead balloon. 

      Not only is it not popular, but it also isn't even Joe Biden's platform. It seems he is being directed by handlers that surround him. 

      One video of Biden shows him signing Executive Orders while saying, "What am I signing..." and a handler saying, "Sign it anyways..." There are also videos suggesting Biden is wearing an earpiece to direct his dementia addled mind. This is evidenced by his walking past Marine guards and saying "salute the Marines" rather than actually saluting. 

      Joe is so used to repeating what he is told that he has become nothing more than a corrupt parrot for his corrupt Deep State handlers. Sure, they feed him a cracker now and again, but as soon as Joe is no longer of use, he will be tossed aside like the pawn he is. The DNC is nothing, if not ruthless. 

      In the coming weeks, we will see more people wake up. Masses will see what conservatives have been talking about for years. The Deep State is moving at a pace that cannot conceal its true agenda. This agenda was made to be implemented piecemeal, at a pace that people do not notice. But, with Trump having dealt a horrible blow to their system and exposed to the public their lies, they have had to move up their agenda to lightning speed. The People will see this fully on display, especially during the unconstitutional impeachment of a PRIVATE CITIZEN! 





As it Pertains to the fascista of Fond Du Lac Underclass 


      Hello all, it has been a while. I have been working on a lot in the past few months; sometimes, we need to quiet the background noise to get productive. The leftists have been lying and scheming, as always. Their latest scam uses a video of myself and other Patriots, people who put themselves in harm's way to try and protect the WI Capitol Building and surrounding businesses, out of context. They pretend as if I am harassing an "innocent protester," which is hardly the case. 

       So, what is the real story? 

       Well, as we were patrolling, we came upon some ANTIFA abandoning cars in the middle of the street. They would proceed to disable the cars, either by removing the distributor cap or the spark plugs. Pretty much a big middle finger to ambulances and emergency vehicles. (Not to mention they were lighting dumpsters on fire and trying to push them into buildings. All while blocking firefighters.) There is tons of footage of these folks smashing windows, destroying property, and being a threat to the community as a whole.  

       This upset myself and others. I used some pretty choice language that I will admit.  I did tell her that I would shoot the windows out of her car if she did not move it. Should I have done this? Probably not, but these people are degenerate terrorists. They deserve worse than the drastic hyperbole hurled at them, but the police felt compelled to sit by and let them have their way. 

       This is the one and only time I am addressing this. 

The Free Men Report Founder Banned from Facebook for defending Kyle Rittenhouse


​        The Founder of The Free Men Report, Thomas Leager, was banned from Facebook on 09/02/2020. Facebook gave no reason ​and never gave his account any warning. They simply booted him offline and disabled his account. I would not be surprised if they reinstate all the Patriots after the DNC holds the elections hostage! So, we will be putting more content on the website and the alternate social media accounts that are posted above.

       With the censorship higher than ever, we need help. Whether it's applying to become part of The Free Men Report, or donating $5, $10,$20, or more.... Any little bit helps, as the American Civil War has kicked into high gear. Help us keep people informed, and defeat the mainstream lies!!!

If interested in becoming a part of The Free Men Report, inquire below

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Premiere of Shadow Gate

Millie Weaver (Millenial Millie) was arrested on a grand jury indictment early this morning, August 14th 2020. They are trying hard to stop this film from coming out... But we have it here at The Free Men Report!!!

Shadow Gate Link

Resist the Real Tyranny!

Find the Truth about Michigan Militia

Speech from meeting described in FBI affidavit!!!

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Next Newsletter Release January 1st 2020

Political Opinions,  News, and History 

by Thomas Leager


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Cole Rainey reports on Oregon and National Politics


"The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking software capable of churning through a test set of half a million news stories, photos, and audio/video clips to target and neutralize potentially viral information before it spreads. In DARPA jargon, the aim is to “automatically detect, attribute, and characterize falsified multi-modal media to defend against large-scale, automated disinformation attacks.” “Polarizing viral content,” however, includes inflammatory truths, and the program’s ultimate goal seems to be to stamp out dissent."--This is double speak for stamp out dissent and control what the public thinks. Tell me they aren't gonna co-opt Google and the rest of Big Tech into this? It seems that the Deep State is trying to quench the flames of liberty that have roared up. These are the lashings out of a system that does not wat to relinquish their usurped power back to the People, to whom it rightly belongs

A Boot on the Face of Humanity forever!

VICE discusses the need to thwart the "alt right's" MEME war! More whiny, "we're not winning and I'm mad..." childish SJW and Leftist rhetoric, as they are completely oblivious to being on the side of The State and expanding its power at every single turn. Next thing you know, they will call Dave Chapelle's comedy routine, a "White Supremacist Meme". It is so comical, like a dog chasing its own tail. 

Yet, the implications are serious. More and more of America's Youth are being churned out of colleges and universities around the country with the opinion of siding with unchecked State power. Carbon Taxes, Universal Healthcare, Deplatforming, censorship, hate speech laws, and the list goes on... The entire left doesn't believe in these things, but enough of them do. Enough of them to be the loudest voices for on the Twitter-scape. They are enough in number to force all centrists and center left people into the "alt right", as they name Tim Pool and Joe Rogan as far-right influencers.  Though they try to say they are not Statists, they exhibit all the signs of supporting expanded State power. They try to create a sort of, plausible deniability, for if they admitted to siding with the State than they would have to admit that they are the fascists. 

To be brutally honest, these far left groups will usher in a Boot on the Face of Humanity for Eternity!

Duerst the Wuerst covers 2A Rally

Duerst the Wuerst, being a close friend of the page, came out to Madison to cover a 2A event that TFMR and the Wisconsin Patriot's Alliance hosted at the Capitol. Evers has been trying to force Republicans to give in and vote on dangerous ERPO's and Universal Background checks. 

Without fail, ANTIFA, the IWW, and other Leftist Goons (though claiming to support gun rights) came out to protest us under a false front of baseless and petty accusations. Fun was had by all. Check out Duerst's YouTube page, and show some support.