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The Founder of The Free Men Report abandons Facebook for greener pastures, and the Left is completely broken up about it!!! 

The Free Men Report LLC does not own the rights to this image, but are using it under fair use to portray the Leftist reaction to our departure from their controlled platform.

...come find him on...

The Free Men Report Founder Banned from Facebook for defending Kyle Rittenhouse


​        The Founder of The Free Men Report, Thomas Leager, was banned from Facebook on 09/02/2020. Facebook gave no reason, ​and never gave his account any warning. They simply booted him offline, and disabled his account. I would not be surprised if they reinstate all the Patriots after the DNC holds the elections hostage! So, we will be putting more content on the website, and the alternate social media accounts that are posted above.

       With the censorship higher than ever, we need help. Whether it's applying to become part of The Free Men Report, or donating $5, $10,$20, or more.... Any little bit helps, as the American Civil War has kicked into high gear. Help us keep people informed, and defeat the mainstream lies!!!

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Premiere of Shadow Gate

Millie Weaver (Millenial Millie) was arrested on a grand jury indictment early this morning, August 14th 2020. They are trying hard to stop this film from coming out... But we have it here at The Free Men Report!!!

Shadow Gate Link

Resist the Real Tyranny!

Find the Truth about Michigan Militia

Speech from meeting described in FBI affidavit!!!

Truth about the Young Boogaloo Patriots!!!

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Cole Rainey reports on Oregon and National Politics

Chris S. Ledbetter

Christopher Ledbetter, a former Marine and volunteer humanitarian medic in foreign lands, has been targetted by the FBI for exposing a pedophilia ring in Mcloud Oklahoma!


"The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking software capable of churning through a test set of half a million news stories, photos, and audio/video clips to target and neutralize potentially viral information before it spreads. In DARPA jargon, the aim is to “automatically detect, attribute, and characterize falsified multi-modal media to defend against large-scale, automated disinformation attacks.” “Polarizing viral content,” however, includes inflammatory truths, and the program’s ultimate goal seems to be to stamp out dissent."--This is double speak for stamp out dissent and control what the public thinks. Tell me they aren't gonna co-opt Google and the rest of Big Tech into this? It seems that the Deep State is trying to quench the flames of liberty that have roared up. These are the lashings out of a system that does not wat to relinquish their usurped power back to the People, to whom it rightly belongs

A Boot on the Face of Humanity forever!

VICE discusses the need to thwart the "alt right's" MEME war! More whiny, "we're not winning and I'm mad..." childish SJW and Leftist rhetoric, as they are completely oblivious to being on the side of The State and expanding its power at every single turn. Next thing you know, they will call Dave Chapelle's comedy routine, a "White Supremacist Meme". It is so comical, like a dog chasing its own tail. 

Yet, the implications are serious. More and more of America's Youth are being churned out of colleges and universities around the country with the opinion of siding with unchecked State power. Carbon Taxes, Universal Healthcare, Deplatforming, censorship, hate speech laws, and the list goes on... The entire left doesn't believe in these things, but enough of them do. Enough of them to be the loudest voices for on the Twitter-scape. They are enough in number to force all centrists and center left people into the "alt right", as they name Tim Pool and Joe Rogan as far-right influencers.  Though they try to say they are not Statists, they exhibit all the signs of supporting expanded State power. They try to create a sort of, plausible deniability, for if they admitted to siding with the State than they would have to admit that they are the fascists. 

To be brutally honest, these far left groups will usher in a Boot on the Face of Humanity for Eternity!

Duerst the Wuerst covers 2A Rally

Duerst the Wuerst, being a close friend of the page, came out to Madison to cover a 2A event that TFMR and the Wisconsin Patriot's Alliance hosted at the Capitol. Evers has been trying to force Republicans to give in and vote on dangerous ERPO's and Universal Background checks. 

Without fail, ANTIFA, the IWW, and other Leftist Goons (though claiming to support gun rights) came out to protest us under a false front of baseless and petty accusations. Fun was had by all. Check out Duerst's YouTube page, and show some support.